Multi-disciplinary Engineering Team
Winson has a team of experienced engineers in different discipline including mechanical, manufacturing, and electronic engineers. Winson offers a full spectrum of engineering services and is capable to handle a wide range of toys and plastic products.
 Engineering Development Team
Winson possesses the latest computer aided design tools along with computerized prototyping to turn conceptual designs into products. Winson can prove a design concept with analytical evaluation. To aid the production process, the design for efficient manufacture is incorporated into the engineering design process.
 Product Validation
Product validation is an essential process, various sampling and validation stages are implemented before mass production. Winson's Engineering Team ensures problems to be solved and meet the highest standard in both quality and safety.
 Manufacturing Setup
Winson's manufacturing goal is to make quality products with high efficiency. Quality and efficiency is built into the manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing engineering team designs, makes jigs and fixtures, and automated equipments to support efficient and high quality production.
 Mold Maintenance
Computerized mold maintenance equipments including CNC, EDM, drilling, milling, grinding and engraving machines are utilized to eliminate defects and improve efficiency through providing accurate and precise molds.