Quality Assurance and Control
Winson always puts quality at top priority. We strive to meet and even exceed customers' expectation. Winson's quality system is grounded on ISO9001:2008 certification. Our strong quality team is comprised of quality assurance and quality control expertise. This quality infrastructure covers every aspect in different series of quality, from product design stage to mass production, incoming materials to finished goods, reliability to safety concerns, individual to factory responsibility, and product-base to system-base. All our staffs are well trained and are ready to commit themselves to fulfill customers' quality needs.
Winson's in-house laboratories always uphold their un-bias and rigorous policy to serve as our checker on product quality for our customers. Our physical laboratory is qualified to perform full range of toy test standards. Winson's in-house chemical laboratory is also approved and equipped to perform heavy metals and phthalate tests, including toy surface coating. For heavy metals test, we have acquired China National Accreditation Services (CNAS)'s accreditation.